The spark that ignited our ethical journey

"Humanity’s real luxury is the planet and our future on it."


Sambar was borne out of the idea that veganism and luxury can go hand in hand, and that beautifully made, covetable pieces can be inspired by nature, without hurting it in the process.

Founded by Andrea, Sambar’s debut capsule collection launched in Madrid, 2020. Here, our iconic Roan Midi was released in five colours.

Made with a sustainable vegan leather sourced from Spain, our signature statement piece is beautifully handcrafted by local artisans in the hills of Andalucía.


The Sambar DNA

Our love of nature is deeply embedded in the Sambar DNA.

‘Sambar’ is an endangered antelope, whose antlers comprise our signature gold closure clasp. Each handbag also bears the name of a different antelope.

We source only the best quality, ecologically responsible materials. From organic cotton to post-consumer recycled polyester yarn, our handbags leave no footprint.

Made from upcycled marine plastic and post-consumer PET, our yarn actually makes use of plastic waste removed from the oceans.


“I want Sambar to make a bold statement: you can wear luxury and be vegan at the same time”. - Andrea Núñez -

Our Founder’s Story

Andrea’s creative journey began when she fell in love with haute-couture. After studying Fashion Design at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico, Paris and Madrid, she specialized in haute-couture, where she began her career as a designer in the bridal fashion industry.

At the same time, a different journey started in her personal life. After watching a video from Peta, she vowed to never wear leather and to cut animal products out of her wardrobe.

As a former designer handbag addict, Andrea urgently identified the need for sustainable and vegan, yet luxurious, brands. Freshly inspired, Andrea returned to fashion design school in Mexico and Spain.

Here, she immersed herself in the production process, learning from local artisans, while searching for materials that were vegan yet sustainable and durable.

Thus, Sambar was borne.

Sambar started with a clear design philosophy: Fair Luxury. We create statement pieces beautifully crafted with cruelty-free materials that strive to prove veganism can be luxurious.

We invite you to discover our full collection here.