Our materials

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries, and leather is the single most polluting material. As a vegan brand, our compromise is to only use vegan leather, however "vegan" leather does not necessarily mean ecological.

Our goal is to not only use vegan materials, but to incorporate organic and circular materials into our collections.

From marine litter, to something beautiful.

Recycled marine plastics

Every year 8 million tons of plastic waste enters our oceans, and currently there are 150 million metric tons circulating the sea. If we don't do something now, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050.

To make our linings, plastic bottles and marine waste like fishing nets, are recycled and regenerated into yarn, which is then turned into fabric. Our vegan leather is made with this recycled polyester yarn, combined with cotton and polyester yarn. The lining in our handbags is made from 100% recycled polyester yarn. For every kilo of recycled yarn, up to 1kg of marine waste and about 30 plastic bottles are recycled. 

We have searched all over the world for the best leather alternative that is both high-quality and responsible with the environment. To this day this has been the most responsible option available, however we are constantly seeking for new technologies that will enable us to be more ecological with every collection and incorporate more recycled and organic materials into our textiles.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton

 At Sambar we are against single-use plastic, which is why instead of plastic bags we use organic cotton wherever a plastic bag would generally be used, such as internal transport, storage and shipping. When you receive your Sambar Handbag it will be in an ecological packaging, free from plastic, and featuring our organic cotton dustbag to protect your product for many years to come.