Sambar eco-friendly vegan handbag on yellow background

Spanish craftsmanship meets vegan fashion

Handcrafted by local artisans in Spain, using only cruelty-free materials. We pride ourselves in being a 100% vegan brand, meaning we don't use any animal products such as leather or suede. Our vegan leather is made with recycled and organic materials.

Our Story

Sambar came to life in 2020 in Madrid, inspired by our combined love for nature and fashion. It was created as a vegan accessories brand, made solely from ecologically responsible materials. Our handbags are designed and handcrafted in Spain, using only the highest-quality, cruelty-free materials.

Sambar lives by a simple philosophy: Fair Luxury.
Fair Luxury means reconciling our love for fashion and quality, with respect towards the animals and the environment. It is a statement of our core beliefs. It means not having to cause harm for the sake of fashion, and not having to give up quality for our values.  Read more about Fair Luxury®.

Sea seen from above. Our materials include recycled sea and bottle plastics turned into vegan leather.

Recycled marine plastic

All of our handbags are handcrafted with textiles made from post-consumer recycled polyester yarn. Our lining is made from 100% recycled polyester, containing both post-consumer PET and upcycled marine litter.

Organic cotton in nature

Organic cotton

We pledge to never use any animal products such as leather or suede.  We use organic cotton for all of the dust-bags, as well as the backing for our textiles.

Forest seen from above. We plant a tree for every bag.

A tree for every bag

We want to give back to the planet and we strive to be better and greener with every collection. For every bag purchased, a tree is planted to fight deforestation and neutralize CO2 emissions.

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