Fair Luxury™

At Sambar, we believe there can be synergy between fashion, luxury and sustainability and that’s why we work under the Fair Luxury philosophy. This is a statement of our core beliefs with respect to the three elements of our philosophy: the environment, people and animals. 

Fair Luxury Manifesto:

-    We are committed to the environment, animal welfare and social responsibility  -
-    We are against exploitation in any form  -
-    We only work with ecologically responsible materials and promote fair trade during our processes  -
-    We are constantly searching for new and innovative ecological materials to incorporate into our processes and ensure our products are more sustainable with every collection  -

When you buy a Sambar Fair Luxury product, you’re receiving the highest quality of vegan and sustainable faux leather. To further our commitment to the planet, with each product purchase, we will plant a tree to fight deforestation. Together, we can show that fashion and quality can be achieved without animal suffrage.


Sambar sustainable vegan handbags on table top