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1% for the animals

1% for the animals - Sambar

We are so excited to share that we are now working alongside YouCare Foundation and donating 1% of our profits to help animals in need.

Sambar was borne out our deep love for animals, ‘Sambar’ is an endangered deer, whose antlers comprise our signature gold closure clasp. Each handbag also bears the name of a different endangered species to bring awareness to the importance of taking care of the endangered animals of our planet. Which is why it made sense for us to partner up with this wonderful organization fighting for animal welfare everywhere, and donate 1% of our profits for animals in need.

About 1% for the animals

This wonderful organization acts to protect the natural habitat of wild animals on land and sea. They carry out ocean missions to clean up pollution and recreate coral reefs, as well as large reforestation missions.

1% for the animals also aims to create shelters, intervenes in domestic animal rescues and helps the pound to distribute abandoned animals in its network of partner shelters or in foster homes. They work hard to save threatened wild animal species by supporting sanctuaries, fighting poaching, setting up plans to protect or reproduce a species. They also work through a network of associations and wildlife specialists to carry out animal rescues.

We are very proud and excited to be working alongside this organization and all the fellow brands and companies supporting this cause. We invite you to see more of their work at

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