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The Environmental Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Vegan Leather Vs Pu & Real Leather

The Environmental Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Vegan Leather Vs Pu & Real Leather - Sambar

Granted, for luxury fashion connoisseurs, designer handbags are somewhat like a form of self-care. Not many things can rival the excitement of unboxing a brand new vegan leather bag that’s ready to enhance all your future ensembles with ease.

Luckily, the sustainable fashion sphere has managed to gain quite a loyal following - and for a pretty good reason. Apart from the sartorial benefits of opting for the best sustainable options your go-to ethical brand has to offer, the environmental benefits of eco-friendly vegan leather are more than enough to convince you to opt for luxury finds that don’t cause any harm to the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Why PU leather alternatives are not as sustainable as you might think

Certainly, PU leather is a good alternative to real leather, however, it comes with its issues. While PU leather isn't considered as toxic as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) leather, it can sometimes carry a smell of chemicals or plastic which means that toxic chemicals were in fact used during the production process. Also, PU leather tends to crack and peel extremely easily. The most important disadvantage of PU leather bags is that even though it uses fewer resources to manufacture, it belongs to the “plastic” family, and thus, it is not decomposable or eco-friendly.


2022 has no place for real leather either

By now, most fashion aficionados are aware of the tremendous impacts of the leather industry. Real leather negatively affects the environment and the well-being of animals. For starters, there is the formation of solid waste and wastewater runoff that contain toxic and hazardous chemicals. These chemicals find their way into the water, and earth and severely impact the workers’ health. Additionally, we can’t look away from the fact that thousands of animals are slaughtered for their hide to create coveted luxury handbags, fur coats, and more. So let’s just say that sustainability is not a word you can slap on this unethical industry.


So, what type of leather is the best alternative? The answer is simple; eco-friendly vegan leather.


The environmental benefits of eco-friendly vegan leather

As a carbon-neutral, sustainable fashion brand, we consider ourselves experts in the vegan leather topic. So let’s go over the numerous environmental benefits of eco-friendly vegan leather and why you should consider choosing our ethical fashion brand for your future shopping sprees.


Eco-friendly vegan leather requires no chemicals

Unlike polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU), the two most well-known toxic materials, eco-friendly vegan handbags are made from cruelty-free, organic, and circular materials with no environmental footprint.


Vegan leather promotes longevity as opposed to overconsumption

Vegan leather is not only extremely durable as it is water-resistant, and stain-resistant but can also be exposed to the elements and look fantastic afterward. This means that vegan leather lasts significantly longer than the two aforementioned options and thus, you won’t need to constantly replace your collection.


Eco-friendly vegan leather reduces plastic waste

As a sustainable fashion, we strive to create vegan handbags that actually help the environment rather than harm it. Our eco-friendly luxury collections are crafted from recycled and regenerated into polyester yarn, which is then turned into fabric. Furthermore, we also use organic and then proceed to dye it with eco-friendly tints. This means that your brand new designer handbags reduce pollution across ecosystems.


Vegan leather requires less energy and natural resources

Vegan handbags actually require less energy and help conserve natural resources since the materials are already available thanks to post-consumer waste. In fact, petroleum consumption, which is the core element of plastic products, can be reduced by 40% if we simply reuse old plastic waste.


Discover our carbon-neutral sustainable fashion collection of eco-friendly, vegan handbags


These were some of the most important environmental benefits of eco-friendly vegan leather versus PU and real leather. If you are ready to adopt a more sustainable approach with vegan leather designer handbags that are designed with style, functionality, durability, and eco-friendliness in mind, head over to to discover our new collection.

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