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Officialy Carbon Neutral (and more)

Officialy Carbon Neutral (and more) - Sambar
We make sure to be as sustainable as possible and have as little environmental impact as possible. We started our "one tree for every handbag" campaign since day one, with the main goal to fight deforestation.

After our first collection we wanted to scientifically and officially measure our impact, so we went to Green Feet™, an international leader in third-party certification of sustainability claims, whose experts reviewed and audited our annual footprint. We underwent an audit process to ensure transparency, and to correctly measure all of the impacts made by our materials, production, transporting, storing and delivering.

The results came back, and we were gladly surprised to learn that thanks to our "one tree for every handbag" project, we are not only carbon neutral, but carbon negative, since we were offseting up tp 3X more.

You can read all about our report and offsets on our Emissions Report.
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