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Our mission and vision

Our mission and vision - Sambar


We believe that luxury and veganism can go hand in hand. We believe that fashion and sustainability should be aligned.
We are on a mission to create a cruelty-free and sustainable future.

Sambar started with a sole purpose: to create luxury accessories that were free of all animal suffering. Along the way, we realized that most vegan materials were very polluting, and we couldn't truthfully offer "cruelty-free" accessories if we were hurting the planet in the process. And so our search for the best sustainable and vegan alternative to leather began.

We have since worked with many different materials. On our first handbag collection, launched in November 2020, we used vegan leather made with upcycled marine litter, along with polyester and organic cotton. On our second collection, we are working with the same upcycled PET and incorporating a brand new material, entirely organic and biodegradable. As new and better vegan leathers become available we work to incorporate them into every new handbag and accessory collection. Thankfully, as more people become conscious of the environmental crisis our world is facing, more and more companies and entrepreneurs start developing new sustainable materials.

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