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Bringing new materials into the luxury industry

Bringing new materials into the luxury industry - Sambar

When our journey began one year ago, it was almost impossible to find a vegan yet sustainable and high-quality material to produce our handbags. Thankfully, the industry is growing fast and now more than ever the fashion industry is starting to develop new fabrics and improve existing materials to make them more sustainable and friendly with the environment.

A few years ago, vegan leather used to mean plastic leather. Now we can offer many vegan and high quality luxury materials that have the same (and in some cases even better) look, feel, and performance of leather.

For our first collection, we used materials that were not even meant for handbags but that were vegan and sustainable and we made the first line of vegan luxury handbags in this upcycled marine plastic fabric. Now, we are happy to be incorporating new and improved materials that are even more friendly with the ecosystem.

Our promise is to always be improving and becoming more sustainable as we possibly can.

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